About Us

Agrojay works with farmers and consultant in public and private division to create and execute agribusiness. Farmers are using accurate weather information for today and the next 7 days via the app, Agrojay Mobile Farm Care app provides daily temperature, rainfall and humidity updates to farmers. Agrojay provide all Information on the farmer's crops grown by Current and upcoming stages for his crop.

Farmer can do Smart Analysis of every activity like Plot wise Export, Plot wise Income, Locally sold yield etc. We use a combination of latest research and development to ensure our Indian Farmers can address their daily farming challenges with information and confidence. Use Agrojay application, the farmer will start a center of information on his own structure / farm, say an agricultural laboratory or agricultural information store, through which, every farmer in India can get the information that he wants for any crop and get satisfactory results from those crops.

Agrojay is farm-based mobile aggregator system. It is a complete solution to the farmer for agronomy, accounting, education, reminder, awareness, marketing. Agronomist or Agropreneur can register with us a service provider and he can use a system to increase his good work.

Our Achievement